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the path to inner peace is in 

pursuit of a worthy inner war

About Me


24, born in Mumbai, India. Manna has an easy-going, fun-loving, happy-go-lucky personality. After a life-changing experience teaching and living with locals in Indonesia, She decided to pursue Alternative Education and Graduated from Uncollege, she believes that the systems we are told to follow don't add enough meaning behind action, nor do they teach us how to be more human. Her aim is to inspire people to pave their own paths as she did and get out of our comfort zone because she shares "if your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough"

A passionate Environmentalist, vegetarian who is in the process of adopting a Zero-waste lifestyle, she believes, 'no one can do everything but everyone can do something' and does her bit at #onelesspieceofplastic by spreading awareness about the repercussions of single-use plastic in our oceans. 

Manna takes on challenges with a heroes mindset and continues to contribute to the elevation of human consciousness to the best of her abilities. Being a certified Philosopher and having spent two years working in the social sector, Manna is currently hosting sharing circles through the Flowgame all over the world


Are you happy to heal?

I feel that there is a part of my life experience that manifested this ability to be happy about my healing journey, not only am I proud to admit that I am not perfect and same as many, I require external energies to help me realign myself with my power but I am also thrilled that I get to share this journey with a collective and expand this idea beyond the narrative.

My aim with Happy to Heal is to provide a space for healers like myself to live and thrive on this platform, eventually having the ability to collaborate with each other and create one-day events, workshops, retreats and much more.

It's still taking shape but the idea is that the healers seek people and the people seek healers so it'll be a one-stop-shop for everything and everyone that’s healing their soul, minds and bodies to enhance the quality of human lives and the ability to serve the environment around us (planet) in whatever small way but more specifically to identify unique collaborators and manifest meaningful connections to keep the link unbroken.

What is the Flow game?

Powerful Questions


Flow game is a process designed as a board game that creates a space for collective clarity and wisdom to emerge through reflection and interactive learning

Collective Wisdom


The game is played in a circle around the board in groups of 4 to 6 players and is hosted by a flow host.



It is well suited for groups or teams that wish to explore a collective as well as a personal intention and for individuals who wish to invite others to play with them.

Setting Intentions


This game invites powerful questions

to enhance inner

leadership through collective wisdom and provides an opportunity to set new intentions for a higher version of ourselves

How do we live powerful lives?

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